Spiral Tree Protectors

Spiral tree protectors fit around the trunk of your tree and are effective tree protectors for deer as well as other animals, but they sit right on the tree’s bark and can stop adequate ventilation. They are very easy to install.

They are used to protect the saplings planted along the roadsides in gated communities, apartments and villas developed and sold by the realtors to add more greenery and clean air. Spiral tree protectors are used not only in urban areas but also in semi urban areas, where the saplings planted has to be protected from animals like cow, deer, sheep and buffalo. The protection is not for the reason that every tree planted is food for the animals but one trampling will be the end of the sapling. They are to be protected till they reach to the height of six to seven feet; then they can withstand a brushing of a horn or scratching by livestock.

Spiral Tree Protector

Spiral Tree Protector

Spiral tree protectors are useful for the social organizations for their green revolution drive. There are practical difficulties in guarding a vast area of the trees planted. The best alternative is to protect them through this method. They will protect the saplings from the damage from passers by, lawn mowing equipment and from any animals that may be in contact with the trees..

Spiral tree protectors are also help the tree to grow straight and branch out after reaching a height of eight to ten feet. This the main reason to use them in urban areas to plant more trees in a given space.



Image from http://shop.spiraltreeguard.eu/