Plastic Tree Protectors

Trees are tender in their early ages and can be affected adversely by huge winds, rains and also from animals. In order to protect your trees from these, provide them with protectors. There are many types of tree protectors available. They are available in different material like plastic protectors, metal protectors, spiral protectors, etc.

Besides providing protection to your trees, these tree protectors also help your tree to grow in a proper manner, providing it with proper ventilation and sunlight. Metal tree protectors are also promising like plastic tree protectors, as they are stronger tree protectors. But the added advantage with the plastic tree protectors is that they provide sufficient sunlight and ventilation to the tree efficiently than metal tree protectors and are very easy to install compared to any other tree protectors. The main part of the tree that should be protected from animals is the trunk of the tree. Trunk is the main part which provides support and energy for the whole plant to stay healthy.

Plastic Tree Protectors

Plastic Tree Protectors in use

The bark of the tree is the dead tissue of the tree, which covers and protects the living tissue present inside it. Hence, the bark of the tree should be protected from animals like trees, cows, buffaloes, etc. Several plastic tree fencings, tree cages, tree trunk protectors are available that protects trees.

Steps To Be Taken While Selecting a Plastic Tree Protector:

• The plastic tree protector you choose should provide proper ventilation to the tree.

• It should protect the tree from animals and should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the animals while trying to attack it.

• It should be resistant to all kinds of acidic and alkaline environments.

• It should enable the branches of the tree to grow in a convenient and proper way.

• Plastic tree protectors should be installed properly, so that it doesn’t loosen in a short span of time.


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