Metal Tree Protectors

Metal tree protectors are the very best way of safeguarding both young and mature trees from damage. The type of tree guard you choose will depend to some extent on the type of protection you need.

Metal Tree Protector

Metal Tree Protector in place.

If you need metal tree guards to provide protection from sheep and smaller livestock, you will need to ensure that the gaps are small enough to prevent an animal from pushing its head through and potentially, not only damaging your tree but injuring itself or becoming stuck.

When choosing tree fencing primarily to protect your trees from animals, you need to ensure that the metal tree protectors you choose are really well made with stock-friendly joints and no sharp edges to cause injury to the animals. It is also important that whatever coating is put onto tree cages used for this purpose is non-toxic as animals do love to chew and rub on these.

It is also important that your tree protector acts as deer fencing to safeguard the bark of the trunk from deer and rabbits. It will also need to safeguard the bark against potential damage from machinery such as mowers if these are going to be used in the area where the tree is growing.

If you are looking for metal tree protectors that are suitable for safeguarding your trees from larger stock animals or perhaps to use in areas where the public has access, you will need to look for tree fencing more robust than that which is suitable for protection against small stock animals.

Metal tree protectors are available in a variety of sizes suitable for these different scenarios. Most of them are able to be easily removed because they comprise two sections that are fixed together around the tree. This enables you to fit a larger tree fence to a tree that may be outgrowing its current tree guard and enables you to re-use the smaller one – making a very cost-effective and decorative solution to providing protection for your trees.


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